Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sparkly Red Pedicure

Eh. Be forewarned that photos of my feet are in this post.. I am hesitant to post such photos because of my own personal insecurities but my goal is to remind ladies to not neglect their flappers especially during the hotter months. I am just an average person and my feet may look goofy and abnormal in high quality photos but..please don't be mean to me. ;)

"The Thrill of Brazil" by OPI

"Red" by Milani

Start with a red base color. "The Thrill of Brazil" by OPI

Finish with a topcoat of "Red" by Milani.

It was difficult to capture the shimmer of the glitter with harsh lighting

When I was preparing for this post I realized that maybe feet and toes are one of those things that are better left not photographed..I felt silly doing this but hey, I did it. I hope you enjoyed it!


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