Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Prevent your nails from chipping

Hey hey hey!

%$^&$^@#$. I just chipped two nails because I thought it was a good idea to go 'bare'. (I'll show you how to mend a broken nail another time.)

Here's a prevent your nails from chipping. Always have a coat of nail polish on them. Nail polish acts as a shield to prevent direct damage to the nail. It also adds a extra layer of thickness to your nails.

Short or long, you'll find a benefit to nail polish.

Short Nails: Nail polish will help your nails grow by adding protection and strength while it has a chance to grow out.
Long Nails: The added thickness of nail polish will prevent your nails from chipping or breaking off. Nail polish will help maintain the length by adding buoyancy from everyday nail contact.

When I say 'nail polish' I mean with a hue of color-any shade. A clear base coat will not be sufficient enough. Have a full coat of polish on each nail at all times. When the polish starts to chip, your natural nails are expose and are no longer protected. Plus, having a fresh manicure will encourage you to not mess up your nails and prevent you from biting your nails.

My Experience: I started growing out my nails in middle school. I was a bitter. When my nails were bitten raw to the skin, I would stare at how ugly they were and continue biting. The blood and pain would attract my attention at all times of the day and the woodchuck in me was awakened. XD. However, when my nails were painted, I didn't care how my nails looked because they were polished and somewhat presentable. I would forget to look at them (and feel the urge to chomp) and they started to grow!!

I hope this helps. I'll be posting a new nail blog this weekend :D

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  1. i, myself am also a biter! i can not help it, so i go back and forth with short and long nails :/ cute blog! cant wait to see more posts! following you right back :)

    1. It's a viscous cycle!! Have you ever tried "Shellac" Its a really thick nail polish that last about 4 weeks. It makes your natural nails extra thick and more difficult to bite lol You can get it at most salons nowadays. I hardly go to a nail salon but it's the only thing I'll ever get if I go. It doesn't damage your natural nails like acrylic, gel, etc. They paint in on your natural nails so it doesn't add "fake" length.

      The article below is a start but I don't agree with everything written lol. Try it sometime :D

    2. And if your extra thrifty like I am ^_^. Give yourself a manicure before you go. Remove polish, file your nails, trim your cuticles. Then it'll be $15 for Shellac:D (They charge a additional $15 for a manicure clean up)

    3. I'm a chatter box, but I may have to take a trip to the salon and blog about Shellac :D

  2. if you have a twitter we can talk there cuz i can't find the msg button on your page either! or maybe its just me lol. But yeah my twitter is @EvelynHeu . I don't want to say follow me but if you do i'll follow back and we can direct message each other on twitter. And i can tell you some stuff . I really don't know a lot about blogger templates but i can share some of my tips !

  3. Yay! Thank you for helping a new gal out! I'll be sure to follow you on twitter!

  4. I dont have much ideas about nailpaints or nailarts...but your blog has all the tits and bits i need!!! :D Welcome to blogger world, hope you love your stay here!

    Followed you back by the way :)


    1. Thank you for the support, Dipika! I'm excited to make more posts late tonight so stay tuned :D

  5. Lol that's so true. Unfortunately I'm usually too lazy to apply that top coat, although I know I should. I just feel like it takes too much time.

    Btw thanks for stopping by my site and subscribing! Now following you back! :D

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea