Friday, August 9, 2013

Pedicure/Feet Hygiene 101

Feet are one of those taboo topics that most people would not like to delve into. Believe it or not this is a emotionally charged subject. In a extreme world, you either have a 'foot fetish' or a 'foot phobia'. I have no emotional investment on the matter and chose to discuss it freely. Please don't take offense (or pleasure:)  in my personal opinions and observations. I am writing on the matter simply to inform, and I will be posting pedicure photos tomorrow so I thought this blog would be relevant. 

  1.  Clip your toenails. Your hands and feet are very different. We grow our fingernails to elongate our fingers to make our hands appear longer and slimmer. The last thing you want is to grow out your toenails to make your toes (& feet) appear LONGER. Secondly, long toenails trap more dirt underneath them, this is also true for fingernails but we tend to scrub our hands more frequently than our feet.
  2. Soak your feet. Even if you soak your feet in hot water once a month, it'll rid of dirt on the top of your feet and loosen dirt under your toenails. (Okay, I cringed)
  3. Use a Pumice Stone, if needed. A pumice stone will slough any rough patches. 
  4. Buff the first layer of your toenail with a buffing block or nail file. This will exfoliate the yellow, dry, and damaged layer of the nail.
  5. Moisturize. Put on your favorite moisturizer after you soak your feet or shower. Wear cotton socks to let the lotion marinate, and to avoid floor crumbs from sticking to your feet.

I will be posted pedicure photos tonight. Stay tuned! or Beware.


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