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I've cataloged most supplies and tools needed for a basic manicure and nail upkeep. I'll name each item and explain what their use is :) I hope this is helpful!

This is a hand held nail clipper. It is usually used to trim toe nails but can be used for finger nails as well

I'm sure you've seen this before. This is a basic nail clipper

This is  a cuticle clipper. Notice its narrow clipping head

A cuticle clipper is used to remove your cuticle, dead skin around your nail bed
Cuticle Oil is used to to moisturize and soften cuticles before being snipped off
This is a nail buffer. Used to gently buff the first layer of your nail bed

Nail files are used to smooth ragged edges and help shape the nail.  ''Tropical Shine' from Sally's Beauty Supply is my favorite file because the grit doesn't dull

Pure Acetone is nail polish remover in it's purest form. This stuff is strong enough to remove glitter, red polish, acrylic, gel and shellac. 

Nail polish remover. This is diluted acetone. It'll remove color polishes and is less drying than pure acetone.

Base Coat. Base coat will protect your natural nails from polish staining, drying effects, and will make your polish bond longer

Top Coat. This is Seche Vite.  It's named the BEST because it'll dry your polish instantly hence no drying time and it's super shiny. If you haven't discovered this, it'll save you a lot of time
Nail Polish Thinner. This is used to refresh any thickened nail polish. Many people will unknowingly use acetone to thin polishes but this destroys polish by disintegrating it. A nail polish thinner is useful for the longevity of any polish collection 


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