Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pineapple Nails!

Hello Friend! I am excited to finally post a semi-sucessful nail stamping experience. This is the first time stamping has worked for me! and I am excited to share this with you :) I've tried stamping before with absolutely no luck; I got so frustrated that I gave up. This is my 1st success story and I hope to be sharing more! Although, I have yet to perfect how to center the designs on my nail, I'm satisfied with the results so far! I'll to share my tips with you below.

  1. Buy a Konad plate! I've tried Salon Express and other stamping plates at Walmart and they did NOT work. You can find Konad on Amazon for $4.
  2. Throw out the metal scrapper. I find that the metal scrapper scratches the plate, and scrapes off all of the nail polish-leaving you with no polish to be picked up by the stamp. Using index cards as a scrapper has been my solution!
  3. Lastly, use opaque colors. Polishes that are very pigmented work best such cremes and shimmers.

Close-up! Amazing!

 gray base 

This was my 1st attempt at nail stamping with a Walmart brand and it was awful! Konad plates are the secret!

I hope to learn more about stamping and share more posts in the upcoming weeks!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Violet on Black

Hi Guys,

This is a simple post. I just painted a shimmer violet polish on a dark purple-almost black nail polish, OPI's 'Lincoln Park After Dark' to be exact. This photo was taken in the sun but the purple is more subtle in indoor lighting. It's not the most intricate design but it's something :)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Valentine's L.O.V.E Cheetah Print

This is a red spotted cheetah print look on a pink base coat. I used a black Sharpie to create the cheetah spots, and then filled in the spots with red paint. I also free-hand the love in white cursive. It took time to create so be patient. To tie the white and pink back with the red and pink cheetah print, I free-handed a small red heart. Please excuse my dry cuticles. It is winter in Colorado! And I just can't seem to control those puppies ;) Rawr.  Happy Valentines!