Saturday, February 21, 2015

Purple to Blue Holographic Shimmer

Hi There!! I've been working on holographic shimmer polishes as a addition to my holographic glitter polishes. What's the difference? As you can see below, the new holographic shimmer polishes contain a very microfine holographic dusting and blends smoothly as a part of the polish whereas holographic glitter polishes from my main line where actual particles of glitter. To add something unique to these polishes, I've been working with powders that change colors. As a result, I created a thermal changing polish with a microfine holographic finish. Below are photos of a polish that turns from purple to blue :)


'Purple to Blue' Holographic Shimmer


Transitional Phase. Purple toward the cuticle and blue towards the tips

Transitioning: Turning blue towards the cuticle

Thermal changing colors: Purple to Blue

Changing colors




Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Linear Holographic Temperature Changing: Pink to Purple

My pride and joy smile emoticon! I've been working temperature changing, micro- holographic polishes. This one changes from pink to purple. More shades to come heart emoticon

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Red w. Cheetah Nails.

 Hello there! Just incorporating red with cheetah nails in celebration of Valentines Day.

Red Nails with Nude Accents

Add shimmer gold 'spots'

Outline spots with black

Right Hand-Index and Pinky are accented with cheetah print.

Right Hand

Left Hand-Thumb and Ring fingers are accented with cheetah print

Left Hand

Left Hand

Left Hand