Sunday, January 24, 2016

Etsy Shop Banner!!

Hello Everyone!!

I just added an ETSY Shop banner on the left-side column of my blog!! Please click on the banner to view hand made, 5-free polishes made by ME! My brand is called Ah-Ha Nail Lacquer!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

I made new polishes! Color-Changing Thermals!

While was taking blogging hiatus! I did continue to make nail polishes! And have them added to my Etsy Shop as well as swatched/reviewed by nail bloggers!! These polishes are much more are available on my Etsy Shop!

This is Purple when cold and turns blue when hot!
Awesomeness! One of my faves! It gives a ombre look if you have long nails :D

Green when cold
Blue when Hot!
Ombre of the Green and Blue!!

Christmas Nails Catch Up!

I know! I'm behind since it's already 2016! I still wanted to include Christmas nails that I did last year to catch my blog up to date so here it is!

This started out as a chunky red and blue glitter look! Perfect for the Holidays!

I transformed it to a jelly sand which after a few days! With a thermal polish! Green to Blue!

Here is the same Jelly Sand Which in Blue! Changed colors with the thermal polish!

And then I wore this Red Glitter Polish that I made for the Rest of 2015!
Photos don't doesn't do this photo any justice but I do have a video! :D

Halloween Catch Up!

Ahh! I have not been keeping up with these posts! I try my best to blog, fall off the wagon, try again, and start the whole cycle over. Although, I may be inconsistent with my blog posts. You can always follow me on Instagram @ah_hanaillacquer, and on my FB!

I'm going to post other Halloween looks that I did, and catch this puppy to date for 2016! :D

Pretty Scary Right? There were times at night that I couldn't look at my nails without getting frightened! Boo!

This slimy look was achieved with the help of CRACKLE! I  actually have Youtube Tutorial on this! Please click the link to view!!

ON FIRE! Left off here from my last post! Created swirls with a needle! Neat, right?!

Thanks for looking at my blog!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Orange & Black Nails

Hello!! Fall is here! Which means that Halloween is just around the corner! This was inspired by my friend Ray Laughter who sent me 'dry water marbling' techniques. I thought it would be perfect for the spooky season! It was very simple to do and the result is FIERCE! All I did was paint a base coat black and very quickly added orange globs of orange polish on the tips,  then I used a needle to create swirls while the polish was still wet! I used the opposite color scheme on each hand to make this more fun! Enjoy!
Left Hand.

Left Hand. Black base coat with Orange Tips and an accent ring finger.

Right Hand

Right Hand. Opposite color scheme of what I did on my left hand. Orange base with black tips.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Bridal Shower Nails! Pink and Gold

Happy Labor Day Everyone!! Today is also my cousin's bridal shower and I took the time to match my nails to the occasion :) This is a simple baby pink look with scattered gold glitter. I also shot a video on how to paint with glitter polishes to get the best distribution of glitter on your nails. You may view that here. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Keroppi nails!

 Welcome again! Here's another simple look inspired by the Sanrio character, Keroppi! Listed are the steps that I took to achieve this design.

  1. French Tip your nails with a mustard-green
  2. Add polka dots on tips, leaving out your ring finger
  3. On your ring finger, use a dotting tool to create 2 large eyes with white polish. While that is drying, use a thin brush to paint a 'V' for the mouth in black polish. Use a dotting tool, dipped in red polish for Keroppi's cheeks. Lastly, add the black pupils to Keroppi's eyes.
  4. Ta Da!