Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Keroppi nails!

 Welcome again! Here's another simple look inspired by the Sanrio character, Keroppi! Listed are the steps that I took to achieve this design.

  1. French Tip your nails with a mustard-green
  2. Add polka dots on tips, leaving out your ring finger
  3. On your ring finger, use a dotting tool to create 2 large eyes with white polish. While that is drying, use a thin brush to paint a 'V' for the mouth in black polish. Use a dotting tool, dipped in red polish for Keroppi's cheeks. Lastly, add the black pupils to Keroppi's eyes.
  4. Ta Da!


  1. Nice Keroppi nails! I like Keroppi and I thought it's kinda rare to find anyone who likes him too. :)

    Dawn | Keep Calm & Beautify