Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pineapple Nails!

Hello Friend! I am excited to finally post a semi-sucessful nail stamping experience. This is the first time stamping has worked for me! and I am excited to share this with you :) I've tried stamping before with absolutely no luck; I got so frustrated that I gave up. This is my 1st success story and I hope to be sharing more! Although, I have yet to perfect how to center the designs on my nail, I'm satisfied with the results so far! I'll to share my tips with you below.

  1. Buy a Konad plate! I've tried Salon Express and other stamping plates at Walmart and they did NOT work. You can find Konad on Amazon for $4.
  2. Throw out the metal scrapper. I find that the metal scrapper scratches the plate, and scrapes off all of the nail polish-leaving you with no polish to be picked up by the stamp. Using index cards as a scrapper has been my solution!
  3. Lastly, use opaque colors. Polishes that are very pigmented work best such cremes and shimmers.

Close-up! Amazing!

 gray base 

This was my 1st attempt at nail stamping with a Walmart brand and it was awful! Konad plates are the secret!

I hope to learn more about stamping and share more posts in the upcoming weeks!