Saturday, August 24, 2013

Red Polish With Gold Flakies

 Hey There Pretty,

Thanks for returning to view my site :D This is a red look with gold flakies. I LOVE flaky nail polish. The chunky, multi-size glitter and angle-changing colors have captured my interest with a death grip. I don't have many in my collection so I'm looking to expand.

I used "Watermelon" by Essie (  and "Luke and Lush" by China Glaze (

This is "Watermelon" by Essie. I love this red polish! It has a coral base which makes it a lighter shade of red with a hint of pink hues.

Start off with a solid coat of "Watermelon" by Essie
This color is so glossy that it pass as a "jelly" polish

This is "Luke and Lush" by China Glaze. This is a gold flakie top coat.

Paint half of your nails with "Luke & Lush. I chose to paint only half the nail so the gold flakies don't overshadow the red base coat.

Red and Gold remind me of Chinese New Year :D


  1. I love it!
    The color isn't immensely red, I like it. Please keep posting your new nail designs, they're all so nice.

  2. I see this after I pick my nose. I always dig for gold!

  3. This is so pretty and festive!! I'm really loving your nail designs!

    Btw thanks for stopping and subscribing. Now following you back! :D
    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

  4. Aww. You're so nice! I'm a new blogger ^_^ Thank you for following me back :D