Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hello Kitty French Tip!

Hi Guys! I tried to do a Hello Kitty French Tip. I'm a big Hello Kitty fan so I was excited when a friend requested this design. I tried my best but my Hello Kitty is not an exact replica of the real thing. Scroll down to view the picture tutorial :D

Left: 'Pink Lingerie' by Revlon
Right: "French White Tip" by Sally Hansen

French Tip your nails a soft pink. Tip your ring finger with white.
I extended the length of the French Tip longer than my natural tip to have more space to work with.
If you don't have long nails, fake it!

Use a dotting tool to add dots to the pink tips

You can use a toothpick or match as a dotting tool substitute 

Loving the white on pink :)

Add a yellow dot on the white tip for Hello Kitty's nose

Use a dotting tool to add two black dots for the eyes
Add the whiskers with a thin brush

My bow is deformed. I can't even explain what I did here haha. Try to make a circle and two triangles for the bow.

Not bad, right? Thanks for looking!


  1. Aww those nails are so cute! I love Hello Kitty but i'd never though about putting the designs onto my nails before! Might try them out ^^
    Your blog is filled with awesome posts! Following you now~


  2. I love it Amy :) keep up the good work ��