Saturday, June 21, 2014

Amy's Laboratory

It's officially summer! Happy summer! I've been experimenting with making nail polishes in my apartment. So far, I've concocted two colors with flakie glitters. The first polish is a pale green with green flakies which I've named 'Jade Jello'. The second color is a periwinkle base coat with purple and magenta flakies, Berry Bash.

How did I make my own shades of polish? Start off with a empty nail polish bottle with 2 of the mixing balls, add clear suspension base, mix in primary colors to make your base color (in the case of the Jade Jello I mixed green, white, and yellow, and blue, white and red for the periwinkle base polish), create a funnel to add the flakie glitters, and lastly shake the bottles to mix throughly. You can also add thinner to improve the consistency.

What are my thoughts? This is a extremely messy process and I recommend you do this outdoors. I mixed everything in my balcony but the lacquer and glitter will get everywhere regardless of how careful you are. Initially, I wasn't impressed the the outcome but after wearing each shade for a week, it grew on me!! I started to enjoy the colors and texture, and have received many compliments; so much so I had to make a blog entry. Since I'm still in a experimental phase,  I wasn't planning to post about my first trial but have received such positive feedback that I decided it was beneficial to share. So here it is :) Enjoy!

Left: Berry Bash Right: Jade Jello

Purple, green, and magenta glitter with empty nail polish bottle

Lovely color, right? 
Pale green polish with green flakies
Jade Jello!

Berry Bash
Periwinkle polish with purple and magenta flakies

Groovy, right?