Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bloody Eyeballs

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my page! Continuing the Halloween theme, I did a bright red eye ball design! I hope you enjoy what you see :D
Scroll down to view this tutorial!

On your middle & ring finger create a circle with blue polish for the eye ball. Use a thin brush to create letter "Y's" X's" and "V's" for the red veins.

On your thumb, index and pinky finger create a red splatter effect for blood. Created by lines and dots.

You should have bloody nails and a blue eye ball with red veins 

Lastly, add a black circle inside of the blue circle for the pupil. Add a white circle in the bottom right of the black circle for a glare effect.

Tada! Bloody eyeball nails :D

Thanks for looking. Happy Halloween!


  1. ahh!!! tehehe this design is creepy~~
    please continue your halloween theme!!! hehe love seeing your nail designs~
    xx Charmaine

  2. Oh my gosh, your nail designs are so legit! I love this look. It's so unique. And scarily perfect for Halloween :)

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  3. Thanks Charmine!! I appreciate the continued support :D

  4. wow! this is so good! :) love the spooky design for halloween xx

  5. ohh well!! This design is so creepy (in a good way!)
    It's really well done and it kinda scares me! I kinda want to try this for Halloween lol!

  6. Thank you everyone!! I'll be showing your page some love soon :D